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Golf Performance

Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) trained clinicians are equipped to perform movement based analysis of the rotary athlete. We are able to target dysfunctions leading to golf swing faults that may be holding you back from enjoying a round of golf or hindering your aspirations as a competitor.

“There is one efficient way for every player to swing, and it is based on what your body can physically do.”

– Co-founder of TPI, Dave Phillips

Dr. Joseph Robinson is a Titleist Performance Institute Medical Level 3 clinician with level 2 certification from the SFMA.  Dr. Joe can identify movement based faults leading to pain or reduced performance on the golf course. The movement based analysis and detailed treatment plan can improve your golf game and also increase the quality of your everyday movements.

We have the ability to screen movement and develop a treatment plan improving pain and golf performance with the specialized approach of increasing a golfer’s power. This approach combines treating movement dysfunctions with specific strength, speed, and power training resulting in increased distance and improved overall performance.

The Titleist Performance Institute and it’s clinicians offer an evidence based, data driven, movement screen in 16 steps to determine functional limitations in the body that can lead to inefficiencies in the golf swing. Following the movement screen a TPI professional can communicate with a golfer through TPI software the result of their screen and a detailed performance training program to be completed under the supervision of a TPI certified clinician.

Dr. Joe offers advanced levels of certification providing a sophisticated level of training for improving your golf swing and your golf outcomes. Contact us to set up your TPI Movement Screen and begin your individualized golf performance journey!

Did You Know?

Your doctor often provides a recommendation, but you are free to choose your own physical therapist.

We accept most insurances including worker’s comp and no-fault.

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